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Pony Club

updated: 2019-08-14 16:47:01

So this week has so far been a busy one with jobs getting completed, today has been a touch slower due to the wind and rain. The weekend was a real hectic one with 5 new clients booked in as well as my regulars. I have to say it was nice to meet Becky whom has not ridden for roughly 6 years but has had a really good basic foundation to her riding skills, Nina enjoyed testing out her knowledge. I look forward to helping Becky progress her skills and knowledge. On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of meeting Julie and her wonderful mare Milly. Milly can be a bit spooky, but I soon had Julie working on her transitions to keep Milly's attention. Julie went away with a big smile on her face and reasurrance that she has a lovely horse to work with.

Sunday evening after lessons had finished I began to complete my weekly tasks for my licencing conditions, measuring the horses weight and body condition score. I decided to take photos of the horses so I had them for reference. Sheridan was the only one I didn't get any of as he had decided to take a nap in his stable, the old boy needs his rest. All the horses are looking good, we shall keep a good eye on their condition throughout the summer ready for going into winter. Their workload will increase slightly if they show signs of looking too good!!!!