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updated: 2019-08-04 22:33:47

This exercise when ridden correctly helps to improve stiffness on both reins, requires forward rhythm, develops better straightness, encourages correct bend to be achieved and helps with co-ordination, balance and suppleness for all levels of horses and riders.

Firstly begin by walking over the first pole and circle right, then walk over the second pole and circle left. Alternate right and left circles over the remaining poles.  Once the exercise can be completed with ease in walk then you can begin asking for a trot. As you progress and improve you can then think about canter, this can really increase the difficulty levels for those wanting a challenge.

During the exercise the rider must maintain the forwardness and speed of the pace they are in to ensure enough impulsion is achieved so as to enable good balance. The rider has to allow the horse to turn without loosing the outside shoulder, but without crossing the hands over the withers and blocking the forward rhythm.  Most importantly the rider has to think and plan and feel how the horse is working.