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updated: 2019-10-08 21:20:31

So last Tuesday Toby and I went out for the day. As part of my birthday present to Toby I had booked a lesson with David Deptford at Sovereign Quarter Horses. We have had several lessons there before and decided it would be fun to go back and have another go at learning the different aids required to ride horses in the western disciplines. Upon arrival we were introduced to our horses by David's wife Sarah, Toby was to ride Milly a beautiful mare whom is fully reining trained, I was given Blaze (Blazin Chic Olena), at 18 years old he has been retired from stud and competition, he too is fully reining trained.

We were asked to go out into the arena and familiarize ourselves with our horses and the western aids for walk and turning and changing direction. Then we were asked to move up into a jog (trot), as I asked Blaze up into a jog I used a little too much leg and we zoomed forward in a rather hurried fashion, I composed myself and collected him back to a walk. I told myself - "Remember this is like riding a Grand Prix Dressage horse, gentle with the aids!" We both played around with our trusty steeds in jog and lope (canter) doing circles, figures of eight and changes of rein. David then called me over and asked me if I would like to have a go at spinning Blaze, well my face lit up at the idea of having a go. David explained the aids required and I set about asking Blaze to spin. After a couple of goes I managed to get him to do a proper spin. It was then Toby's turn to ask Milly to spin too. Again after a couple of goes Toby did a really good spin with Milly too.

I have to say many thanks to David for letting us play with such wonderful horses. Both of us look forward to returning for further lessons and challenges.

Below is a video of David spinning Blaze at one of his open days that Toby and I attended.