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Pony Club

updated: 2020-04-26 15:26:31

So several weeks have passed since we had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. Life here has been just as busy if not busier than normal. We have finally completed the fencing in one of our fields so the horses can enjoy time out in the field, it has been a challenge as we had not managed to order all the things we needed before lockdown - good job Toby is handy with a chainsaw!! I knew all those years watching 80's TV shows such as The A-Team and MacGyver would come in useful!!

We have to say a huge thank you to all our clients, family and friends that have very kindly donated items from our Amazon wish list for our horses. All of us will be forever grateful, with no income at the moment we are hoping the government funding that we are eligible for will help to keep us going. Below are photos of the items that have arrived so far.


We have several projects in the pipeline and will be rolling these out as and when we can get them finished. So watch this space!!

We videoed the horses being turned out in the field for the first time since winter - I love Cody's response towards the end, whose response is your favourite?